Our admiration of the antique is not admiration of the old, but of the natural - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Since I was a kid I always collect things that are old and I think are valuable and often sell them in the local market. That is when I've gotten 'bewitch' and 'enchanted' with antiques and vintages and have since started researching and studying about antiques and fine arts . Living in Hampstead, an area of northwest London known for its intellectual, liberal, artistic, musical and literary associations where a list of notable people have lived, I frequently made trips to antique shops and estate sales where I found, among the contents of these Victorian houses, paintings and antique items, which were being bought and sold often with little interest. This situation presented an opportunity for me to build a personal art collection that otherwise would have been discarded or destroyed. I also found them at local auction house, and through various friends and local contacts in the art trade.Now I'm here, sharing my passion and my modest knowledge about this particular field and of course my collections through the years through my online shop; Ace Fine Antiques London. I have a high regard for my collection as i scourge them out on my own with an eagle eye. 
Collecting antiques and vintage items especially pictures (paintings) and prints, has been my passion for most of my life and because of this I have taken up a short course about Understanding Antiques, focusing on a variety of antiques, from furniture, ceramics and glass to pictures and textiles. I have learn to pinpoint an item’s era – from Regency and Victorian, through to Art Nouveau, Art Deco and the post-war years .
However there is always a subjective element with antiques, that is why I always try to learn everyday about them.  Collecting antiques and vintage items has been my passion half of my life and now I am just so happy to be able to share with you my collections over the years. Feel free to contact me when you have specific items that you want. xoxo

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